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Two major news:

1 - After one year of quietness for Niessedrion, a few new unholy creations are now available for selective ears (see below).

2 - Niessedrion is stopping activities (read here).


N.D.015 - BLACKDEATH "Fanatical" (Rehearsal 11.03.06) - 12'' LP in plastic sleeve with insert (red vinyl).

After the glacial and deshumanized perfection of the "Totentanz" serie (N.D.006 and N.D.009), BLACKDEATH strikes back with new weapons.
Now with a complete band line-up, they deliver one of the sickest and harshest recording ever released in the Black Metal history.
Totally possessed riffs, insane screams, aggressive drummings... The intensity captured in this Rehearsal is actually unique.


N.D.014 - EMIT / VROLOK "split" - 12'' Picture LP with insert.

After a long delay, now this split is finally released on a noble vinyl, originally planned to be a collaboration with Christcrusher Prod.

EMIT offers a new composition, far away from the chaotic and tortured "A Sword of Death for the Prince" album (N.D.007).
From now on, new structures are emerging. Oppressive percussions, organised mystical harmonies, through which a new malicious Strenght is slowly taking control of minds.
Away is the disorder of the previous album. And after that destruction, now the Beast is taking form from these reconstructed structures, following an invicible Order.

VROLOK's songs on this split may be considered as a retrospective of a whole period of its evolution.
And VROLOK definitely proves his talent to reach the Delights incarnated into the darkest Infamies.
Heretic and Perverted Black Metal at its Summum.


N.D.012 - BLACKDEATH "Satan macht frei" - 12'' LP with insert.

Finally the vinyl version of this album, with different artworks created by Abysslooker specifically for this LP, and two bonus songs not on CD version (Drakkar).
Another Absolute Masterpiece of Total Black Metal performed by the Russian Masters.


N.D.011 - SLIDHR "S/T" - Gatefold 7'' EP with printed innersleeves.

Black Metal, the Purest way.
Dark. Hateful. Eternal.
A new Reference is born.


N.D.010 - TODESSTOSS "Sehnsucht / Beutetrieb Schwarzer Witwen" - 12'' Gatefold LP (special version on white vinyl with patch / regular version on black vinyl).

We joined forces with Finnish label Ahdistuksen Aihio Prod. to release this first TODESSTOSS 12'' LP.
This vinyl gathers "Sehnsucht" (previouly issued on MCD by Totentanz / Torment Rec.) and "Beutetrieb Schwarzer Witwen" (previously issued on MCD by A.A.P.).
Through its intimate approach, TODESSTOSS pulverised the limits of Black Metal. There is no frontier between insanity and sublimation anymore.
That pure jewel of Raw Black Metal with several sides had to enter Niessedrion's museum of somber cristals.


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