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February 2007 - Niessedrion Records is stopping its activities.


We recently had to decide to stop the running of the label.
The reasons of this choice are numerous, and of various orders - the main one is a huge lack of time, because of other activities.
Basically we were not able anymore to take care of signed bands, work on layouts and pressings, promote, and correctly spread our jewels.

A few things have to be stated anyway:

1 - Even if the label stopped its activities (such as pressings, promo, sales, etc.) - it will still survive during a few months to care about planned releases:
Some releases were planned to be released under our banner in 2007. Depending on the band's wishes, they may be pressed in future by partner labels.
Anyway those releases will have the same quality level than if we had done it by ourselves. More info will come later on this subject (things are not fixed yet).

2 - Closing the label is not an easy decision, but we prefer to have it closed than badly run, or no run at all (as it has nearly been in 2006).
However, we are very pleased with the dozen of fine releases that some bands honored us to let us press.
So we would like to use this opportunity to thank those bands for their trust in Niessedrion, and for their supreme Art. ND would be nothing without that.

3 - IMPORTANT : Our e-mail will remain active, to finish certain planned actions, but avoid contacting us for other matters - or be VERY patient...


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